Get inspired on World Creativity and Innovation Day!

Celebrate #WCID with Creativity Exchange

21 April is World Creativity and Innovation Day which aims to raise the awareness of the important role creativity and innovation plays in in all aspects of human development, including the lives of children and young people.

We’ve put together a few ideas to help you celebrate in and out of the classroom.

If you are just starting out...

  • Spend time on 21 April browsing Creativity Exchange and share an article with a friend to discuss.
  • STEAM Co., the UK Country Champion for World Creativity Day 2021, will be live streaming at some of the UK's most creative schools during the week - why not check it out?
  • Choose one idea from Creativity Exchange and try it out over the next week.
  • Find time on 21 April to read 7 Myths about Creativity on Creativity Exchange and then discuss the article with your colleagues.

For those who are already on the journey...

  • Browse the A-Z of Creative Thinking teaching ideas and choose one of them to try out in your own classroom.
  • Set aside time with colleagues on 21 April to explore the Case Studies and Creative Connections on Creativity Exchange and identify a few ideas you would like to adapt for use in your school.
  • Find out what’s going well in your school using this article on Creativity Exchange as a starting point and then make a plan for the Summer term and beyond.

For schools that have substantial experience...

  • Get inspired by Fallibroome Academy’s case study to help you plan a Creativity Week at your school later in the year.
  • Reflect on possible creative connections your school could develop, our case study from the North-West offers helpful reflections about creative collaboration.

We're always keen to hear from you with potential ideas, case studies and more to showcase on Creativity Exchange. Find out how to get involved!

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